About us

Filmpferde.com ( moviehorses ) is a european cooperation of stuntriders from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, England, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania , who have been working succesfully together for a long time.

Our stuntcoordinators, horse masters, stuntriders and horses are very experienced in national and international movie and tv-productions and shows.

Our Team offers you a full service around and beyond the horse:

advising, preperation, stuntperforming, taking care of the actors and personal training and procurement of equipment
The training with the actors will be arranged by our team with responsibility and patience, enabling them to get fit quickly and feel secure enough to play their part. Safety first!

Filmpferde.com is a member of the „German Stunt Association“

Animal Protection Law

All our horse masters have the legitimacy of paragraph 11 of the german animal protection act ( as required for shootings with animals in Germany ).

Gerd Grzesczak

Gerd’s way into the moviebusiness started from being a show jumper and becoming a professionell stuntrider over 40 years ago. Nowadays he is one of the most experienced stuntcoordinators and horse masters in Germany. Many of the well-known Stuntcoordinators and Stuntpeople in Germany acquired their first stuntexperiences in his team, and are very successful today. His great sense of humour and his untiring energy makes it fun to work with him.


Vanessa Wieduwilt

Vanessa made her first steps as a stuntwoman in 1994. Because she was still busy with her professional sport vaulting ( acrobatics on a horse ), she only took part in shootings occasionally. But after a while the stuntwork become a bigger part of her life, and ended up in a full time job. Over the years she worked for many stuntteams in Germany and international as a stuntwomen, stuntcoordinator and horse master.



Suzanne Struben

Suzi is one of our horsetrainer and horse master. She started working on shows such as the „zauberwald“. There she learned from well-known horsetrainers like Franz Althoff. She got to know lots of other very good stuntriders and horsetrainers, so that we have the honour to work with so many talented people.



Zsolt "Jolly" Sera

Jolly started his career about 40 years ago as a stuntrider and stuntman in Hungary. Today he works and lives with his wife Suzi in Germany. Jolly nearly knows every movie with horses by heart. He trains horses and rigs most of our horse-equipment.



Simon Grzescak

Simon is the „junior“ on our team, but he already has lots of experience, because he started doing stunts from a very young age under his father wing. He is a very talented stuntman and stuntcoordinator, and currently studying „Production Management“ at the University in Ludwigsburg.